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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday!

I guess with all my current stress and workload I have been negligent to this blog, and forgot his 2nd birthday! Well! Happy Birthday to us! After 2 years of praise and complaints, this blog is still (sorta) alive... I will definitely be back... please be patient with me =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sorry bout the delays =)

Howdy Everyone,

I have returned, but classes start next week. So, as usual updates may be a little slow.
In other news, I've been pretty busy.

I saw Umphreys McGee with STS-9 as well as Return To Forever with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, which were both fantastic shows
I'll keep Blogging, as you guys keep Progging! =D (and pooing? XD )

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Phish - Rift REUP

Phish's Rift, while not always considered their best studio album, does a good job of portraying their progressive and "arty" spirit. This truly is a progressive album, and a showcase into the different ways progressive music can go. The title track and opener Rift does a great job of exposing Anastasio's remarkable guitar playing, as well as being a fantastic opener, somewhat reminiscent of the opening number of a broadway musical (Thats what I saw anyway) Fast Enough is a weird almost Country sounding slow temp jam that is interesting, but probably won't scratch any prog heads itches. Maze is another highlight of this album. It carries through with some impressive guitar work and somewhat catchy vocals ("You'll never get out of this maze!") Also some interesting organ/keyboard (?) that really livens up the track and carries with the hook. As always Mike Gordon lays down the bass line like its nobodys business and all is good in this progressive jam. Sparkle is a simple upbeat happy song, and is fun, but not a real serious piece.
The album continues to Horn, a strange song about a car horn (?) which continues into some slow tempo guitar work and then returns to its original line for a final line of vocals. The Wedge is another fun piece filled with some funky rhythms and somewhat nonsensical lyrics (they make sense...sort of "I'm building you a pyramid with lime stone blacks so large, I drag them from the mountaintop, you'll need a two car garage")
My Friend, My Friend is another highlight that starts off nice and soothing, but quickly takes a turn into a somewhat evil sounding, yet still somehow upbeat rhythm. The lyrics are somewhat strange, but seem perfect for the rhythms going on alongside the music. Almost a latent threat, the lyrics both give off an almost evil intent, but without evil action...That probably makes NO sense whatsoever, but maybe you'll understand what I mean if you listen to it.
Weigh is a funky jazz jam that really sound tight, and then really weird lyrics ("I'd like to cut your head off so I could weigh it, what do ya say? Five pounds, six pounds, seven pounds") It continues in this quirky manner for most of the remainder of the song, and does not delve quite into the jazz jam it could of from the beginning.
All Things Reconsidered is a very short jazz diddy (whatever that means) that almost takes a carnival feel. Mound is an upbeat lyrical piece and thats all I have to say about that.
It's Ice is definitely a progressive song...
Well I'm gonna stop there... If you want a fun album by a group of people who are having fun with what they are doing, and making somefantastic music, this is an album for you. If you are looking for some straight pretentious "art" then you should probably look away, you will not find what you're looking for. This is an album for the prog fan who wants to listen to some fun, toungue in cheek (almost zappa esque humor) music

Caravan - Cunning Stunts REUP

Basically same comment as below... =D

Caravan - Blind Dog at St. Dunstan's REUP

Though certainly not as good as a "Waterloo Lily" or "In The Land" Blind Dog, (and Cunning Stunts, which'll be next) offer a different view from a seminal Canterbury band. Fans of Canterbury should definitely look into these albums, as they do certainly have some fun and interesting songs (Bass line on Jack and Jill is always good =D )

Saturday, July 05, 2008

John Hartford - Aereoplain REUP

This is a most fantastic "New-Grass" album from John Hartford and is nearly impossible to find nowadays. If you even REMOTELY enjoy listening to bluegrass, than I'm sure you will enjoy this album. Considering how quickly it was deleted last time, I suggest you act quick!

Friday, July 04, 2008

moe. - Wormwood REUP

I just wrote a nice long writeup of this in February, so I'm not gonna waste my time =/
Fantastic crossover album from prog to jam, with some nice improvisation as well as jazzy and rock(y?) rhythms and beats. worth a listen, if you like all or some of it, it might open you up to a whole bunch of music =D

Just a few more reups to do (I'm not reupping everything, just things people have actually asked me to) and then I'll begin posting new albums with new, longer write ups. (I might even rip some vinyls if I find something good ;-) )

Supertramp - Crime of The Century REUP

Just a quick post before i go to bed =) .
This is still my favorite Supertramp album (not that they've released a new album since I originally posted this) and is definitely an album worth listening to. Every song in this album fits, and thats something that a number of bands struggle with, especially on a more "mainstream" album like this. It has the "poppiness" and song structure as a regular non prog album, ie, relatively short, concise songs with lyrics and a chorus, etc, but it makes sense as a prog album. It feels right, and thats not something that comes around everyday. Anyway, if what I just wrote makes any sense whatsoever (I am a bit tired, so it may not) or even if it doesn't, this album is definitely worth a download...

Jethro Tull - Stand Up REUP

Stand Up is one of, if not my favorite Tull album. It's fantastic combination of jazz and folk meld into a great album filled with great songs. Definitely worth getting!

I've begun to come back to reupping and will soon have new posts...
Thanks for being so patient!

Friday, February 15, 2008

moe. - Wormwood

I know, Posts have been coming alot more slowly, and this is probably going to continue at least until the summer months. I'm still running this blog, trying to reup things, so just be aware of that.

Anyway, on to the album. In case you haven't noticed, this blog is starting to shift focus from the genius prog starters to newer jam based prog. I'm doing this because in all honestly, I started with that prog because i believe it is a necessity for any progressive rock listener. I don't think any prog rock fan is really a prog rock fan without a copy of Tarkus =D Anyway, I'm now going to try to broaden the horizons of listeners with music that I truly believe carries on the spirit of progessive rock. Now trust me, I don't like every jam band that comes along here. THis is what I believe to be the real prog jam. Hell, Umphrey's Mcgee's Anchor Drops is on the top 100 jazz rock albums on prog archives!.

Now! To this album!!
Wormwood is not a standard run of the mill studio album. To convey the true nature of their improvisational spirit, moe. recorded a live album and then continued to tweak it in the studio afterwards. What come out is a studio quality album with the feeling of a live album. I believe that this album captures this spirit and has some great tracks out of it. The album opens with Not Coming Down a standard opener, pretty standard rock fair. This is followed by Wormwood, a slow rock jam that sortof conveys what to expect. This leads right into Okayalright A fun rock song with alittle southern guitar shredding to close the track and delve into a quick trippy Rumble Strip. Gone is a sweet ballad, fun to listen to, but not all that "Progressive" Although the second half is quite a nice jam. Of course another quick interlude with Organs to lead us into Crab Eyes a true guitar shredder track and where the album REALLY starts to pick up. This album reminds me strangely of Rush, if Rush were a reggae group. Not that this is reggae, but its totally how I imagine Rush playing Marley covers XD. Then Bullet...I love Bullet. This song has a synthseizer and guitar section worty of ELP. Not that it sounds anything at all like ELP, but its worthy. For some reason this reminds me of Ghostbusters. I really can't place it though. Bullet really just feels RIGHT. Its the sound that this album was trying to achieve. It has the sense of improv with complete mastery over balance and electronics. IT slowly lets the synthesizers crawl up until what seems like a battle for control between guitar and synth in a great ending guitar line. Anyway, enough about that ONE SONG. The best part is that the album isn't over, and has more stuff to hurl at you. Kyle's Song is also a highlight. Its another song that fits in the album perfectly.
Well then, I suggest giving this album a try. Definately gotta listen straight through it though, so devote an hour or so. If you enjoy it, No Doy and Tin Cans and Car Tires are even better albums.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains (C2B3) - The Big Eyeball in The Sky

This is another album which will be probably be disputed as to whether or not it is prog. I see NO way this is not Progressive Rock, and an incredibly fine example of it as well. This album is a collection of great musicians, headed by the great bass man Les Claypool. The album opens with a song about the guitarist Buckethead, telling his story in a song filled with fun riffs and some great guitar work from Buckethead. This is a great beginning and shows you what they can do, and will do, later in the album. This track is followed by "Thai Noodles", a quirky song about a man who apparently loves Thai Noodles... "Tyranny Of The Hunt" is another weird bass driven song with some interesting guitar and synthesizer work. In my opinion, the album really starts to shine on the next track, "Elephant Ghost" Which is a very nice long piece, that lets C2B3 show what they can really do. There is some fine bass and guitar work, as well as fine percussion and keyboards (which is consistently great throughout) The Synth lines add a bit of a transistion as the slow tempo jam continues. "Junior" is great Les Claypool quirkiness, and thats pretty self explanatory for claypool fans. "Scott Taylor" has synth lines that sound almost like what would happen if ELP went metal (not that this album is metal) The title track is a weird bass driven with standard fare Claypool lyrics. Jackalope sounds like something out of Oysterhead, but is quite fun nonetheless. It has some great keyboard work, and is more of a jazzy song then what is shown through the album.
Anyway, This is a good album, and fans of any Claypool or Jam in general
Serious Progheads, this is definitely worth a listen. I know I really haven't been catering to prog recently, but trying to expand into related music. (The "Poo" if you will) ANyway, still worth a listen, you might even like it!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Trey Anastasio - Shine

Haven't posted in awhile, so i thought I'd put something thats hard to find on the blogosphere =D
Great album for fans of Phish, while alittle mainstream, its still a fun album to listen to!
Lets see how long this one lasts =D

Saturday, December 08, 2007

David Grisman - Rounder Album (Lossless Vinyl Rip)

Sorry This took so bloddy long... Itunes decided it wanted to reorganize everything and mistagged everything, then proceeded to sort it into new folders...
And No, I don't usually use Itunes...

Anyway, this is a fun Bluegrassy/Oldtimey album where you can hear Grisman obviously searching for his trademark "Dawg" sound. Fun album for fans of bluegrass or Grisman, although I don't think serious progheads will be big fans =P

PS, the above pic is obviously not mine, as it certainly doesn't say "Compact Disc" As it is the original Vinyl from '76

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

David Grisman - Dawg Jazz/ Dawg Grass (Lossless WAV)

This is a great Dawg album, showing two sides of Dawg music, and how they aren't that different. The Jazz Side starts with its title track, "Dawg Jazz", a big band jazz composition with Grisman soloing on mandolin. This gives a strangely distinct and familiar Grisman sound that I've come to expect. This is followed by "Steppin with Stephane" A lighter jazz medly that is of course graced with Stephane Grappelli's Violin, in a mandolin Violin duet that sounds quite good. "Fumblebee" is also quite interesting dawg music. The side closes with Grisman's arrangement of "In a Sentimental Mood", taking it quite slowly and giving a sense of sorrow that really sounds quite nice, along with a melodic Violin.

The Next Side (Might be the first, I honestly don't know) is Dawg Grass!
This side is filled with the exciting traditional bluegrassy dawg music many have come to love. The first track "14 Miles to Barstow" starts off with a fast paced fiddle duet followed by some nice dobro and of course, mandolin. This is followed by "Swamp Dawg" which carries the swampy New Orleans feel quite well in my opinion. Then is "Dawggy Mountain Breakdown" A traditional bluegrass piece with non other than Earl Scruggs picking away on his 5 string banjo. This is a fun bluegrass song with great soloing from all of the musicians involved. He then takes "Wayfaring Stranger" in a very similar way to "In a Sentimental Mood", the sense of sorrow makes the song sound even more beautiful and interesting. "Happy Birthday Bill Monroe" is a great twin fiddle piece with Darol Anger and Mike Marshall pairing left and right. The Title track on this Side, "Dawg Grass" is a VERY Dawgish bluegrass song. It sounds almost like something off Hot Dawg with bluegrass instruments. Quite good =D

Anyway, This is a fun album giving two perspectives on Grisman's Dawg Music. Any fans of Dawg or music, definitely worth a listen. If people would prefer, I can post in mp3 as well.

EDIT* Thanks to the anonymous poster for the cover art!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Well Hello Again

Hey guys, quick update

I've been back into some vinyl ripping, I have now ripped David Grismans Rounder Album and Dawg Jazz/ Dawg Grass, As well as Chick Corea's Mad Hatter.

These'll be up lossless relatively soon (may be awhile, upload speed capped at 35)

Anyway, if you wanna make a requestof some hard to get vinyls, as i've said before, I have alot of dawg music and related (Grappelli and what not) as well as alot of jazz fusion and whatnot.
Request away!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Frank Zappa - Weasels Ripped My Flesh

A Zappa masterpiece... Need I say more?

Really though, any Zappa fan who doesn't have this is crazy!
Any prog fan who hasn't heard Zappa is also crazy!

Reggie Watts - Simplified

Something different, that is incredibly difficult to find...
Anyway, a great funky soul album, with great vocals from Reggie Watts
If you like it, Buy it to support this artist!

More Prog in a few

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Not music... Sorry =D

Hey guys, just wanted to announce that my friend Andrew just started up a political blog and is looking to expand readership and community. Anyway, if you're at all interested in American politics, or politics in general, give it a look see. Its just getting started, but there is already some promising stuff on there =D

Monday, October 29, 2007

Martin Barre - A Trick of Memory

Just a quickie to remind you all that I'm still alive!

Ok, fair comment, wrong tone

I would just like to acknowledge an anonymous comment (these come up everynow and then)and offer a rebuttal on behalf of music bloggers.

I received 2 comments from the same person (within minutes of eachother)

the first one was on Michael Hedges Aerial Boundaries

"Sharing? What a nice word for stealing. So you are stealing money from a dead mans family, that is nice, I'm sure you're parents would be very proud."

First of all, I would like to urge that it is sharing. People who like this album to the extent that they WOULD buy it get to hear the album first. I know when I first heard Hedges music, I went looking for copies (only to find that my father was a big fan and had all his albums) If I had not heard it all, I would have missed a guitar genius. Everything that can be found legitimately, should be bought legitimately. However, you also made the point that I am preventing a dead man's family from receiving money. Making a bold statement like this shows that you have little idea how the music business works. I have prevented $0 from getting to his family. Especially with the record company being mostly dead, the only one seeing money is the store you buy it from. Sure you could say I'm stealing the few dollars profit from the record store, but most of them are already run off the market by large chain stores, and I couldn't care less if they lost money (not to mention they wouldn't have a gem like this).
LASTLY on this comment, you said the old "I'm sure you're parents would be very proud." and yes, I would argue that they are. Writing about music, getting the word out about brilliant music that is hard to find and even harder to buy. Do you know how much a rerelease of Steam Powered Aereotakes costs? $100...For a CD! Now, John Hartford's family isn't seeing any of this money, Rounder Records doesn't even sell it, and Its nearly impossible to find. Lucky You, good old Tehan From Prog And Poo has a vinyl copy of it that hes willing to rip for you, so that you know that you will at least ENJOY IT before you go on a hunt and spend $100.

Lastly Mr., You made the comment about how blogspot would send my information to the RIAA, and even though i left "bogus personal information" Which I did not (save me being 251 :D) they could track me through my "multiple blogs" Which I do not have... So, I am thinking that maybe you, We'll call you Sergio, should do some good old research before going on blogs, like mine and Discos Algodon, and accusing us of being thieves and other nasty things.

I apologize for the rant, but I'm sick of people who don't know what they are talking about, arrogantly telling me that I'm a bad person. If you want to make an argument, GREAT, but at least know what the hell you're talking about.
Thank you

Saturday, October 20, 2007

John Hartford - Steam Powered Aeretoakes

This is a compilation of the B-sides and outtakes from the recording of Aereoplain. With the entire album being genius, its not surprising to see that quite a bit of genius work was cut out. In some songs it is very interesting to here where Hartford was headed. You can hear a direction of sound, and in some instances, understand some decisions to cut songs. I would argue that none (or very few) of these songs were cut for quality, but instead for a continuing of a concept. The mood of Aereoplain is a perfect direction, and some songs would not have fit. However, just cause they dont fit in a run through of Aereoplain (some certainly do anyway) doesn't mean they aren't good songs. I absolutely recommend this to Hartford fans

John Hartford - Morning Bugle

John Hartford's "Morning Bugle" is the album often compared to Aereoplain in terms of its genius. It does not hold as much of a place in my heart as Aereoplain, but a great album nonetheless

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oysterhead - The Grand Pecking Order

Honestly, quite weird and varied styles. It really isn't Primus + Phish if you think it would sound that way. More like Progressive Jam, with a taste of Les Claypool's Humor. In my opinion, great album, although some fans of phish and primus may be disapointed. Hardcore Progheads probably won't be big fans either =D


Apparently I'm one of the top listeners of John Hartford on
I'll up Morning Bugle and Steam Powered Aereotakes within the week to celebrate!
(Both worth buying if you can find the damned things!)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Leo Kottke - One Guitar, No Vocals

Good Acoustic album, worth a look for hedges fans or fans of other kottke stuff

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries

Another great album from Hedges, worth a look if you like acoustic guitar.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Victor Wooten - A Show of Hands

Victor Wooten is not only the bassist of the flecktones, but also a very accomplished solo bassist. A Show of hands is an excellent showcase of his talents as a bassist. Just listen to "Me and my Guitar" and youll get the idea =D

Friday, August 31, 2007


Sorry I didnt post today or yesterday, but expect posts tomorrow

tonight I will be seeing Bela Fleck and the Flecktones in Lowell at Boarding House park
Should be a good show =D

More posts tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Phish - Rift

I dont consider this prog in the traditional "prog" sense, however I do believe that this album as well as Phish as a group are progressive. I also believe that alot of the things that attract me to prog are also often found in their music, and is quite enjoyable. If you haven't listened to any Phish, they are quite different and worth a look. =) Check out Progarchives for more. (I also have all their albums and alot of live stuff, so request away =D )

Stanley Clarke - Stanley Clarke REUP

Great album, see comments below... needs EQ tweaking (more bass)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Did I forget to mention? Prog and Poo is One Year old!! WOOOO!
Barely made it though =D

Michael Giles - Progress

Progress is an album I've had for quite some time and always enjoyed. Theres something about how its put together... It starts in an upbeat jazzy way, dominated by drums (evident in the cymbal in "Departure") and continues to maintain the jazzy flavor with variations on the same formula. The vocals that show up from time to time sound like anything out of the previous GG&F recordings, which is fine by me, but some might find the poppy vocals don't fit with the otherwise jazz oriented album. Overall, definitely a good taste of Michael Giles and a worthy prog album.
Worth a grab
Rating 8.5/10

King Crimson - Happy With What You HaveTo Be Happy With

King Crimson's Happy With What.... ( is an outstanding album prior to 2003s excellent Power To Believe. On it are a few songs that show up in Power To Believe, as well as an overlying theme and recurring synthesized voice. Although the themes are "different" they maintain the same creepy atmospheric kind of feel. They suceeded with this in both albums, showing a bit of a rougher cut here compared to what would be seen in the previous year. The title track opens up after "Bude" a synthesized voice prelude. This is a meta song, seemingly about writing formulated songs. With the heavy rock riffs, it is a perfect opener. Mie Gakure comes next opening with layers of different ambient sounds and synthesizers. THe album is able to continue to layer the showcase and ends with the duo of Lark's tongue IV and then Clouds. Larks' also goes into an instrumental of the Coda: I Have a Dream from Construkction. Clouds starts with the synthesized voice and then goes into a crazy mix of riffing and spoken word and recorded audio. A surprisingly humorous and perfect way to end the album.
Anyway, definitely worth a grab, and more updates soon.!

Rating 9/10

Supertramp - Crisis, What Crisis? REUP

Check previous comments below

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hey Guys, I realize I've not posted in quite a long time, 2 months in fact... I found it hard to continue after all of the lost posts and was having a hard time just figuring out what was going on. I think I'm about ready to start this baby back up, with a little more leeway on musical tastes, while still prog based. I've still got 3 milk crates full of vinyls sitting next to me (dominated by dawg music, jazz and the like) so start requesting and I'll start upping. Thanks to all of those who helped in past times =)


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Adrian Belew - Side Two

Adrian Belew returns again, with a follow up to Side One (see below =P) This album again has strong guitar work, but seems to have a large amount of synthesized drums and is almost devoid of outside help. Still again, the album takes on the trademark Belew sound, with guitar riffs that don't feel right, but sound right in place and somehow sound good. (I honestly don't know what I'm trying to say in the previous sentence :D )The album opens with "Dead Dog On Asphalt" A mellow yet somewhat disturbing song. A perfect chilling opener for the album. In this way, the album divides from the previous, with a more calm yet scary atmosphere; as opposed to the powerhouse that was Side One. Don't get me wrong, this album has its good share of powerful guitar riffs, however they didn't appeal to the feel of the album as much as they did on Side One. Overall, great album similiar to the previous. if you like Side One, or any late Crimson stuff, SNAG IT

Adrian Belew - Side One

Adrian Belew's Side One is a fantastic solo album reminiscent to the stylings of current Crimson era music, yet with more affluent guitar playing and overall a bit smoother and crisper than some albums (not saying the "The Power To Believe" wasn't crisp :) that is still a great album) The album opens with the track Ampersand, which leads into the album showing the mean guitar riffs and lyrics that will prevail throughout the album. The album has a good amount of artists working with him, and turns out a great album from Adrian.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Henry Cow - Unrest

Gotta run... However, good album worth a look

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Daevid Allen & Euterpe - Good Morning!

Believe it or not, not much to say about this album... Always something good to pick up for Gong fans or simply fans of Daevid Allen.

Cheers, hopefully I can continue to post at least daily...

PS Thanks to

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Michael Hedges - Live On the Double Planet

Michael Hedges is one of the greatest acoustic steel string guitar players i've heard. If you have never heard him, this is a "decent" album, although it is live (ill get Oracle on here eventually :) ) Anyway, he has a VERY distinctive style to his playing, where you can tell its him after only 3 notes =D. This is a great live album, he plays some of his own stuff as well as some covers. Definitely worth a look for some

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yeah yeah...

I know it's not really a huge update, but I recently found (after a long hard look) the free mp3 released by Adrian Belew, that is the acoustic version of "I Have a Dream" This has been near impossible to find recently, so I thought i might as well just stick it on here =)

The "non acoustic" version is on the album construktion of light from 2000 (King Crimson)

Friday, May 25, 2007

King Crimson - Discipline

Amazing Crimson album... Not much more to say... "30th anniversary" edition. Worth the DL for Crimson fans and proggers alike

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hatfield and the North - The Rotters Club

Good album ... And thats all I have to say about that....

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Not prog related but...

This is a call to all in the massachusetts/Connecticut area. Eliasfest is on Saturday from 1-930PM At Nara Park in Acton MA. Its for a great cause, and their should be some great bands. It is being headlined by State Radio (who i just saw last week..GREAT!) Anyway, I will be there, hope some of you can too!

Anyway, Tix and info:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jean Luc Ponty - Enigmatic Ocean

Still too lazy to write too much, but Enigmatic Ocean is Ponty at his best. The perfect jazz synthesis with his amazing violin blend perfectly. If you like Ponty, or just fusion, great album and a must have
Rating: 9/5/10

Thanks =)

Thanks to all the readers who have been reupping and showing their support while I have been gone. It really helped convince me to continue this blog and hopefully build it back up to what it was before the deletions. Thanks again... New posts right away!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Unfortunately I have been unable to do almost anything with term endings... Im sorry bout this =/ Any help with re ups would be greatly appreciated, as I will be going to Japan soon, and will have "limited" (No) internet access

Sorry guys...Hope to be bac k on here soon =/

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ok then..

Well, it seems I should try sharebee... expect some reups and maybe new stuff soon
Thanks for the comments guys =)

Monday, April 02, 2007


Well... As my blog becomes more popular, there becomes a greater chance of those baastards who like to report "illegal" uploads. Although half the albums would be near impossible to find, they still believe I am taking money away from the artist... Well... 10 or so albums have been reported and removed by megaupload in the past day. I'm worried about possibilities of more of this happening (especially after upping lossless albums) But I love megauploads great system for managing files... Any suggestions, or easy to up backups? (and no rabbit shit is not an answer)

Anyway, thanks for holding with me for this period of assholery... And whoever is doing it... In god's name DONT BE A DICK

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Supertramp - Crisis? What Crisis?

Good album.. regarded by many as Crime of the Century Part II =)
Worth a grab, although I prefer COTC.

Rating 8.5/10

Sunday, March 25, 2007

David Sancious - Transformation (The Speed of Love)

A great fusion album. On the first 30 seconds or so, I was skeptical, but it immediately picked up and became a great album =)

Rating: 9/10

John Hartford - Aereo Plain

Great "New-Grass" album, from John Hartford. Thanks to hermanthegerman for the request.

Rating: 9+/10

Check Archives...

Just a reminder, If you are going to request an album, check the archives first.
For example, Tubular Bells has already been posted

PS In the process of cutting and uploading John Hartford's Aereo-Plain and David Sancious' Transformation (The Speed Of Love)

Friday, March 23, 2007

RE UP: Dave Grusin - Mountain Dance

A fun commercial Jazz album =)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Caravan - Caravan

This first album is one of the best examples of an artist's emergence. While still being somewhat poppy, this was a fun album that had some great moments. definitely worth a listen for all canterbury fans
Rating: 9/10

Darol Anger - Fiddlistics

Fiddlistics is an incredible Jazz album with some great solo work, as well as fun guests such as Grisman... Don't have time here =/ So ill keep this short and sweet. Worth the DL!
Rating: 9.5/10

Sorry bout the pic...Didn't have time for my own..

Sorry... Fiddlistics coming soon

Ok, sorry for not posting it yet, as the upload froze... which is always a pain an hour into a 300 MB lossless album. I'm uploading it again now, so expect it in 2 hours or so, along with maybe the first caravan album (by request) =)

Sorry bout this guys =/
Just know its on the way!

Oh, and thanks to hermanthegerman on Totally Fuzzy for spotting my Stanley Clarke mistake..

oh, and vinyl request are always liked... I have three milk crates here full of untouched vinyls.. ALOT of dawg music and the like (Grisman, Grappelli, Ponty, Di Meola) you get it =)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Stanley Clarke - Stanley Clarke (Lossless)

Stanley Clarke's Self Titled album Is a trip into one of the greatest and most original Jazz bassists. He was the true pioneer of slap bass, and this shows it to a fine degree. This is a great fusion album, while it still shows many conventions of rock. It is an excellent crossover album, and I really recommend it.

Rating: 9.5/10

PS, once again, vinyl rip... I would suggest popping up the bass for this one!

EDIT: Thanks to hermanthegerman for the edit! My bad...

Friday, March 16, 2007

King Crimson - In The Court of the Crimson King

A classic, a masterpiece even. In my opinion, the first step into what I call Progressive Rock. This is the most recent remastery, and boy does it sound good. Of course i dont seem to have a vinyl around here (new they go for hundreds =D)

This is simply a masterpiece, the odds are, if you know this album and are looking for it, you know about it and are either just getting into prog or trying to discover a piece that you somehow missed =)

Anyway, Master Piece, thank to Tripwithtiresias for the request =D
Rating 10/10

Wendy (Walter) Carlos - Clockwork Orange (Lossless . WAV)

This is an absolutely fantastic venture into the roots of synthesized classical music. As most of you are aware, Walter (Wendy w/e) Carlos was also the artist of Switched on Bach, a trip into Bach's composition using synthesized sounds, something unheard of previously. Clockwork orange is the perfect next step, the perfect soundtrack, never has a score fit a movie so well. The dark and eerie yet ironic and funny undertones (singin in the rain :)) make this album a must have. If you have never seen the movie, or read the book, do those as well.

Timesteps opens the album with a 13 minute eerie and exciting piece, perfect for any album, with great hints from classical pieces and it really feels like the book. One of my favorites would have to be the excerpts from Beethoven's ninth. The voice synthesizing is phenomenal and sounds great, carrying on the dystopic futuresque feel. Anyway, amazing album, amazing movie, grab it!

Rating 9.5/10

PS this is my first lossless vinyl rips, comments are encouraged =). Just gotta make sure i didnt screw anything up =D

Arkady Shilkloper - Hornology

Good Album

Expect some vinyl rips soon