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Monday, August 27, 2007

King Crimson - Happy With What You HaveTo Be Happy With

King Crimson's Happy With What.... ( is an outstanding album prior to 2003s excellent Power To Believe. On it are a few songs that show up in Power To Believe, as well as an overlying theme and recurring synthesized voice. Although the themes are "different" they maintain the same creepy atmospheric kind of feel. They suceeded with this in both albums, showing a bit of a rougher cut here compared to what would be seen in the previous year. The title track opens up after "Bude" a synthesized voice prelude. This is a meta song, seemingly about writing formulated songs. With the heavy rock riffs, it is a perfect opener. Mie Gakure comes next opening with layers of different ambient sounds and synthesizers. THe album is able to continue to layer the showcase and ends with the duo of Lark's tongue IV and then Clouds. Larks' also goes into an instrumental of the Coda: I Have a Dream from Construkction. Clouds starts with the synthesized voice and then goes into a crazy mix of riffing and spoken word and recorded audio. A surprisingly humorous and perfect way to end the album.
Anyway, definitely worth a grab, and more updates soon.!

Rating 9/10


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