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Monday, December 31, 2007

Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains (C2B3) - The Big Eyeball in The Sky

This is another album which will be probably be disputed as to whether or not it is prog. I see NO way this is not Progressive Rock, and an incredibly fine example of it as well. This album is a collection of great musicians, headed by the great bass man Les Claypool. The album opens with a song about the guitarist Buckethead, telling his story in a song filled with fun riffs and some great guitar work from Buckethead. This is a great beginning and shows you what they can do, and will do, later in the album. This track is followed by "Thai Noodles", a quirky song about a man who apparently loves Thai Noodles... "Tyranny Of The Hunt" is another weird bass driven song with some interesting guitar and synthesizer work. In my opinion, the album really starts to shine on the next track, "Elephant Ghost" Which is a very nice long piece, that lets C2B3 show what they can really do. There is some fine bass and guitar work, as well as fine percussion and keyboards (which is consistently great throughout) The Synth lines add a bit of a transistion as the slow tempo jam continues. "Junior" is great Les Claypool quirkiness, and thats pretty self explanatory for claypool fans. "Scott Taylor" has synth lines that sound almost like what would happen if ELP went metal (not that this album is metal) The title track is a weird bass driven with standard fare Claypool lyrics. Jackalope sounds like something out of Oysterhead, but is quite fun nonetheless. It has some great keyboard work, and is more of a jazzy song then what is shown through the album.
Anyway, This is a good album, and fans of any Claypool or Jam in general
Serious Progheads, this is definitely worth a listen. I know I really haven't been catering to prog recently, but trying to expand into related music. (The "Poo" if you will) ANyway, still worth a listen, you might even like it!



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