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Friday, February 15, 2008

moe. - Wormwood

I know, Posts have been coming alot more slowly, and this is probably going to continue at least until the summer months. I'm still running this blog, trying to reup things, so just be aware of that.

Anyway, on to the album. In case you haven't noticed, this blog is starting to shift focus from the genius prog starters to newer jam based prog. I'm doing this because in all honestly, I started with that prog because i believe it is a necessity for any progressive rock listener. I don't think any prog rock fan is really a prog rock fan without a copy of Tarkus =D Anyway, I'm now going to try to broaden the horizons of listeners with music that I truly believe carries on the spirit of progessive rock. Now trust me, I don't like every jam band that comes along here. THis is what I believe to be the real prog jam. Hell, Umphrey's Mcgee's Anchor Drops is on the top 100 jazz rock albums on prog archives!.

Now! To this album!!
Wormwood is not a standard run of the mill studio album. To convey the true nature of their improvisational spirit, moe. recorded a live album and then continued to tweak it in the studio afterwards. What come out is a studio quality album with the feeling of a live album. I believe that this album captures this spirit and has some great tracks out of it. The album opens with Not Coming Down a standard opener, pretty standard rock fair. This is followed by Wormwood, a slow rock jam that sortof conveys what to expect. This leads right into Okayalright A fun rock song with alittle southern guitar shredding to close the track and delve into a quick trippy Rumble Strip. Gone is a sweet ballad, fun to listen to, but not all that "Progressive" Although the second half is quite a nice jam. Of course another quick interlude with Organs to lead us into Crab Eyes a true guitar shredder track and where the album REALLY starts to pick up. This album reminds me strangely of Rush, if Rush were a reggae group. Not that this is reggae, but its totally how I imagine Rush playing Marley covers XD. Then Bullet...I love Bullet. This song has a synthseizer and guitar section worty of ELP. Not that it sounds anything at all like ELP, but its worthy. For some reason this reminds me of Ghostbusters. I really can't place it though. Bullet really just feels RIGHT. Its the sound that this album was trying to achieve. It has the sense of improv with complete mastery over balance and electronics. IT slowly lets the synthesizers crawl up until what seems like a battle for control between guitar and synth in a great ending guitar line. Anyway, enough about that ONE SONG. The best part is that the album isn't over, and has more stuff to hurl at you. Kyle's Song is also a highlight. Its another song that fits in the album perfectly.
Well then, I suggest giving this album a try. Definately gotta listen straight through it though, so devote an hour or so. If you enjoy it, No Doy and Tin Cans and Car Tires are even better albums.



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