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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Phish - Rift REUP

Phish's Rift, while not always considered their best studio album, does a good job of portraying their progressive and "arty" spirit. This truly is a progressive album, and a showcase into the different ways progressive music can go. The title track and opener Rift does a great job of exposing Anastasio's remarkable guitar playing, as well as being a fantastic opener, somewhat reminiscent of the opening number of a broadway musical (Thats what I saw anyway) Fast Enough is a weird almost Country sounding slow temp jam that is interesting, but probably won't scratch any prog heads itches. Maze is another highlight of this album. It carries through with some impressive guitar work and somewhat catchy vocals ("You'll never get out of this maze!") Also some interesting organ/keyboard (?) that really livens up the track and carries with the hook. As always Mike Gordon lays down the bass line like its nobodys business and all is good in this progressive jam. Sparkle is a simple upbeat happy song, and is fun, but not a real serious piece.
The album continues to Horn, a strange song about a car horn (?) which continues into some slow tempo guitar work and then returns to its original line for a final line of vocals. The Wedge is another fun piece filled with some funky rhythms and somewhat nonsensical lyrics (they make sense...sort of "I'm building you a pyramid with lime stone blacks so large, I drag them from the mountaintop, you'll need a two car garage")
My Friend, My Friend is another highlight that starts off nice and soothing, but quickly takes a turn into a somewhat evil sounding, yet still somehow upbeat rhythm. The lyrics are somewhat strange, but seem perfect for the rhythms going on alongside the music. Almost a latent threat, the lyrics both give off an almost evil intent, but without evil action...That probably makes NO sense whatsoever, but maybe you'll understand what I mean if you listen to it.
Weigh is a funky jazz jam that really sound tight, and then really weird lyrics ("I'd like to cut your head off so I could weigh it, what do ya say? Five pounds, six pounds, seven pounds") It continues in this quirky manner for most of the remainder of the song, and does not delve quite into the jazz jam it could of from the beginning.
All Things Reconsidered is a very short jazz diddy (whatever that means) that almost takes a carnival feel. Mound is an upbeat lyrical piece and thats all I have to say about that.
It's Ice is definitely a progressive song...
Well I'm gonna stop there... If you want a fun album by a group of people who are having fun with what they are doing, and making somefantastic music, this is an album for you. If you are looking for some straight pretentious "art" then you should probably look away, you will not find what you're looking for. This is an album for the prog fan who wants to listen to some fun, toungue in cheek (almost zappa esque humor) music


  • Part One:
    Part Two:

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  • rift has been my favorite album for a while now, cheers on the review!

    By OpenID hazyphonics, at 12:17 AM  

  • I originally linked here for CAN. THANKS! been looking every where to sample this band. Been looking around. Nice little review... *note 'all things reconsidered' is the re interpretation of the All Things Considered NPR theme.

    By Anonymous alan, at 2:49 PM  

  • I love Phish, and this is one of my favorite albums of the band. Just seems solid from front to back, and some of the jams are still live favorites (I never get sick of Maze).

    By Anonymous Justin, at 1:44 PM  

  • Thank you for the post

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:14 PM  

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